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Pictures of Gideon?

Does anyone know where I can find HQ pictures of Gideon in the show, or even of the show in general?  Actually, any good quality pictures, not the crummy ones on Google Images.  I know of a few MQ and HQ pictures of him and the cast at rehearsal and events and stuff, but none of them in the show.

If anyone knows, please comment :]

Oh, and I got tickets for next Wednesday!  It'll be the last time I see Giddy before he leaves.  I'll be quite sad.
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I've heard a rumor that Gideon is leaving SA in a month. Is this true? Oh please just let it be a rumor, seeing as I love Gideon to death, and I have not had a chance to see him in the show yet. *crosses fingers*
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Um, he (and JWright) were my most favorite parts of the show. I loved his voice in "touch me" and how innocent he is in "Word of your body reprise)

Is there anything in particular you liked best?